Just returned from the 2021 Bowl Expo in Louisville (lovely city). Nice work BPAA for organizing and pulling this off in uncertain times.

I learned new things are keeping owners up at night. Things that they never gave much thought to before. Numerous center owners stopped by our booth saying, “We were told we need to talk to Partywirks,” Turns out these operators had attended a break out session called, “What keeps you up at night?”

So, what’s keeping them awake now? It could be a long list given the last year but in particular, for these times, the top concerns are:

1) can’t find employees

2) worrying about missing orders/business

3) streamlining time consuming processes

One center owner that signed up on the spot said it all when he said: “We need to start learning how to do this, and the sooner we get started the better.” He’s right! Early adopters have been using Partywirks for years to prove the concept; it works for bowling just like any other business.

Yet it’s estimated less than 25% of bowling centers have anything other than a website. No online booking or payment options. This means many bowling centers are rolling gutter balls in the competitive game of instant gratification. When many things look and sound the same online, how much effort will today’s consumers put into tracking you down?

The sad answer – not much. The more hoops to jump through, the faster interest wanes and they simply click to another option. Today, it’s not so much about what you have, but in how easy it is for customers to get it.

Our booth was packed most of the day, so if we didn’t get a chance to show you Partywirks at the Bowl Expo, please contact us for a discussion now.