Overcome one of your biggest challenges with our system

One of the biggest challenges right now is finding employees. Here are three ways Partywirks can help get the word out:  

1) Let your current customer know automatically through their online receipts 
What:  Add “We’re Hiring” content to your Terms & Conditions section within Partywirks. 
Why:  People who book with you like what you have to offer. Maybe they have a friend or relative looking for work?  When they get their receipt, they’ll get a reminder that you are hiring.

How: Every order booked through Partywirks is immediately followed by a detailed online receipt. Add your “We’re hiring” message to your Terms & Conditions and your customers will see this message and perhaps know someone who would like to apply. To do this – Open your Dashboard, click Settings, then Terms & Conditions. Create a new T&C called “We’re Hiring” then add some content about your needs. Be sure to click SAVE.  

2) Add a “We’re Hiring” section to your Offers/Promotions page
What: Add a “We’re Hiring” section to your Promotions page. 
Why:  The Partywirks Promotion page is where guests go to see what’s new, what’s coming up and what might be on special. This is a great place to showcase your job openings to customers and prospects alike.
How: Open your Dashboard, then Settings. Click Offers to open this section. Add your content here and any images you want to use.  

3) Include “We’re Hiring” form to your Customer Service/inquiries section of Partywirks
What: Add a “We’re Hiring” section to your Inquiries section. 
Why: The Tell-A-Friend feature makes it easy for staff to share with customers or customers to share your information with each other.  
How: Open your Partywirks Dashboard. Click Settings, the Inquiries. Partywirks has many pre-built form templates in our “Templates form” library. Scroll until you see Job Application then click “upload” to add this form to your Partywirks Inquiries section. Note – you can customize these forms, once you have them uploaded, to reflect your choice of words and needs.  

Q: I have a job app on my website, why should I add it to Partywirks, too? 
A: Today new leads can come for many sources: your website, your Facebook page or other social media. Because Partywirks let’s viewers take action, Partywirks offers online visitors both the visibility and the ability to take action. 

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