How can you get more sales through your website?

Your website is the first place where your visitors look for more information about you. If there’s something wrong with your website, such as a broken link, bad image qualities, or an invalid SSL security certificate, then your customers may lose interest and stop browsing your website. That’s what we don’t want you to face.

Read this quick guide to review your website and how to improve it.

1. Check that the following is okay on your website.

  • Performance: Make sure that your server is fast and reliable and that you are not using shared hosting. Also check your cache, it determines how fast or slow a page on your website will load on your subsequent visits.
  • Security: You should have an SSL certificate. Also check the security of your server provider and configurations.
  • Objectives: Ensure that you have a clear idea of your business and marketing goals with an aim to help increase your sales so that this is reflected on your website.
  • Design: This should be related to your brand, your market, and your audience. It should also be responsive and user-friendly.
  • Maintenance: Your website should allow you to update the software easily, and you should be able to easily make changes.

2. Why is it important?

If the above points aren’t effectively implemented, this can have a negative effect on your business and can lead to:

  • Less sales: A website without business goals in mind leads to missed sales.
  • Less Engagement from your visitors: People will leave your website as soon as they land on it.
  • Less awareness: The chances of having a better position in search engines is lower if your website is slow, doesn’t have a responsive design or has security problems.
  • An outdated site: The look and feel of your website is essential to your customers, especially when the competition has a fresh, well-organized and well-designed website.

3.   Is it worth changing and investing in a new website?

  • Business visibility: Your business’ visibility to potential customers increases and will lead to more sales.
  • Happy customers: Your customers won’t feel frustrated browsing through your website, and would even feel happy to refer it to their friends and family.
  • Stronger brand: This will be more unified and people will have a stronger idea of your business presence.
  • More revenue/sales: Attracting more customers will lead to an increase in your revenue.

4. How to start?

1) Partywirks audit
We are happy to talk to you and take a deeper look at your site to see how it’s performing and review the key components that need to be improved.

2) Quote
After we have reviewed and discussed a plan of action, we’ll offer you a competitive quote.

3) Let’s work together
Now the most exciting part of the project will begin. Enjoy all the benefits that come with a new, functional, and fresh-looking website.

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