A lot of people will be coming to your center during the holidays, but how many events are you able to host at the same time? How will you receive your customers at the door? Knowing who is coming to your bowling center is a significant part of offering the best service to your customers.


1. See in advance who is coming to your place

  • Encourage online booking for party and event packages. This is a key way to help you keep organized and to collect accurate information. Taking reservations online gives you all the necessary data you need to prepare for an event and to provide the best experience for your customers.

2.  Order and categorize your various packages

  • Your customers will be able to find clear information about your events and services, which will lead to a decrease in the number of incoming calls where staff is having to repeat the same information over and over again. By reducing this from happening, your staff will be able to better utilize their time on the customers who are actually at your center.

3. Use add-ons to prepare orders in advance

  • Add-ons are a great way to upsell attractive extras, merchandise, and experiences to your guests, which then helps to increase your revenue. That’s not the only function of an add-on, though. They can also help you be aware of any orders that need to be made before the event so that everything is ready when your customers arrive.

4. Use a simple, repeatable process to collect information

  • Sometimes the feeling of losing that personal touch will lead you to keep taking calls, but talking to a lot of customers is exhausting and time-consuming. When booking online, the process becomes straightforward, and you are still able to add a personal touch via your interactions with them.

Encourage your customers to come back again and again through the excellent customer service that you provide, and help to free your staff from unnecessary pressure.
Anticipate, manage and organize!