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Do you need Digital Waivers for your business?

Waivers are becoming increasingly more vital for business owners to protect themselves, and to get their customers to agree to participate in activities that involve a certian degree of risk.


Online waivers serve as an electronic signature for your customers to accept your policies in an easy, secure and legitimate way.

Partywirks' Digital Waivers

As part of our multi-functional online booking software, we also offer digital, signable waivers to help streamline the number of providers you have.


Our waivers are exactly what you need to inform your customers about the risks of certain activities and to protect you from liability.

Why choose Partywirks' Digital Waivers?

✓ They are signable

✓ Can be connected to reservations

✓ No limit on number of waivers

✓ No limit on how many can be signed over a certain period of time

✓ Automatically saved in the system once signed

✓ Can be exported to Excel

✓ Can be printed out

✓ Customers receive a copy

✓ Can expire after a specific date if you wish

✓ Customers can click that they accept the content in each paragraph, if needed


Click here to see what they look like for yourself. 

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