What are we going to evaluate?


Reliable web hosts offer you speed, security and attentive support to keep your website in optimal condition. Is your current host providing the services to keep you on top?


There are several steps to improve the security of your website: server security, the website platform, software updates, passwords, certificates and more. Have concerns about your website security?


Speed matters. Your website can be slow for multiples reasons. Large images, slow servers, poor management of assets. Slow page loads kill interest quick. Don’t give people reasons to click away. Is your website quick enough for online visitors?


Most customers view your website on phones or tablets. How does your site look on the phone? Does your site look great and provide current information guests need? Many decisions are made online, without your knowledge, give yourself all the edge you can. What image does your website project to customers in 2023?

Let's find out how well your website is doing!