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Surviving COVID-19

How Skate Zone plans to go 100% digital by using Partywirks

Skate Zone

Family owned business in Crofton, Maryland since 1996. They have a rink, an arcade, a redemption center and a café.

Industry: Skating

Rob Sherman, Owner

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The Challenge: COVID-19

Due to strict COVID-19 regulations, there can only be 20 skaters in the building at a time. The problem was that we didn’t know who was coming in or when; this was especially difficult when crowds would surge at certain times of the day.

We spent a lot of time collecting payment and getting people checked in, which resulted in a lot of stress for my staff.

The Solution

We were able to sell multiple, shorter skating sessions by easily changing the schedule through Partywirks. “It took Jen, our office manager, less than one hour to pivot my business to this new model; she had the ticket timeslots all ready for sale online. It was so easy and efficient to do.”

Their new business model is to be 100% online. “We are rebuilding from the ground up. We are moving all our sales online, away from the transaction to creating a wow factor of a guest experience when they arrive.”

Once Partywirks has the capability to implement recurring billing, we’ll be using this feature for annual or monthly memberships to collect payments from our regular skaters.

The Results

We have figured out a way to sell more tickets at a higher price, which is helping us to survive during the pandemic.

Guests are willing to pay more for shorter skating sessions, especially if they know that we are sticking to the health and safety guidance for COVID-19.

We can meter the arrival of skaters, which makes it easier for our staff as guests have a set arrival and departure time.

Since Partywirks collects skaters’ contact details, if anyone needs to be contacted because they were in contact with someone who has the coronavirus, we’re able to help the health department get in contact with those people.

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