Group Events

Why are groups important?

New faces, new first-time visitors and a chance to make them repeat customers… New visitors may have children who need a place to celebrate, and when they bring their friends, this leads to more first-time visitors, and well, you can see where this leads. And it starts with “leads”, for your business, for these groups. So, whether you market to schools, churches, sports teams, business groups or others it all starts with a lead.


Leads come from your reputation, your marketing, and your hard work. And this is the hard part, converting leads to real business. What’s the biggest risk in landing a sale today? Missing the call? Or, the wrong person answers at the wrong time, wires get crossed, expectations missed and opportunity disappears.


Here’s where Partywirks fits into your group business. We remove the uncertainty around capturing the leads as they come in. Instead of picking up the phone, or more likely just moving on, your prospect is offered what they want most these days: instant gratification! They can now simply click to find the information they are looking for, and most importantly, the ability to take action! Right then, right there. No wait and delay or frustrating phone tag. Click, book, done.

How Partywirks is designed to please groups:

Customized Forms

Our customized forms designed for different audiences. What’s the first sign of credibility? Asking the right questions? Using Partywirks’ customized forms allows you to “ask” the right questions, the questions important to you, and to their group, that ensures all the right information is collected so both parties are on the same page.

Our customized forms are better than a one-size fits all form, because the questions and details you need to collect for a fundraiser versus a school outing or a private rental can be completely different.

Bottom line, the more information you can collect on the first go around saves time chasing down this same information later, and instills confidence in your guests that you are doing it right. It makes them feel good knowing you are asking the right questions.


Watch this short video to find out how our inquiry forms work:

QR codes are also generated with each form, making it easier for you to share this directly with your customers, or in your promotional material.

Easy Sharing

What’s more important than having all this good information on your website or in your head? Making it easier to share all you offer with others as quickly and easily as possible with customers and prospects.

Partywirks’ Tell-A-Friend button makes sharing easier than ever before. With a click, guests and prospects can share your party and event information with anyone they want: friends, coworkers, co-planners, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and the list goes on.


Why is this a good thing for your venue? Because being able to easily share your offerings encourages sharing with attendees, party planners and decision makers, all the folks you want to see walk in your doors.


Here’s a video with more information about our Tell-A-Friend button:

Quote Creator

Some prospects required a hard quote they can take for approval or discussion. Partywirks’ built-in Quote Central makes this easy. Create quotes on the fly. They are saved in the system and you can open and edit as the deal progresses.


The quotes that are created are email and print friendly.

Date Blocker

Our date blocker allows you to block out certain times and dates for your key group events without having conflicting schedules with your other packages.

Private Events

You can pre-build a variety of private event offerings and make them available for staff view and use only for special booking considerations. Consumers on your public Storefront will not see, or be able to book, these private events. You can create these for common scenarios then edit to fit as needed for custom events.

Prepackaged Events

If you’d like your customers to sign up to group events without having to call the office, then this is for you. With our system, you’ll be able to set the minimum and maximum number of guests for your group package, and arrange it so that the pricing depends on the number of people your customers have selected.


They’ll also be able to choose the add-on extras that are available to make the event extra special.


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