Revolutionize Your Booking Experience

Maximize your digital sales funnel. Provide customer self-service for party and event bookings.

The Benefits

Why should you use Partywirks?

More than a ‘Book Now’ button

Serve more of your online visitors by capturing the attention of customers not yet ready to book. Encourage them to book with you in the future and provide instant gratification.

Set-It and Forget It

Partywirks is easy to use and maintain. After initial setup and training, your account will be ready to operate automatically with minimal staff interaction.

First Class Customer Service

We’re renowned for the support that we provide our customers. We also listen to feedback from our customers so that we can provide the very best features for your business.


Our system is designed for group bookings of all sizes, and is the perfect tool to help you convert leads into customers. Attract youth groups, corporates, etc.

No Barriers

Our software doesn’t require customers to log in to make a reservation. And external servers are not needed, so staff can access the information from any location using a variety of devices.

No Contracts

Partywirks operates on a month-by-month basis with no strings attached. If you ever do decide that you want to leave us, just let us know.

Partywirks' Marketing Features

for Your Prospects and Customers


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Easily manage your party and event bookings and more with our user-friendly software.

The following features make managing your online booking account with us a breeze, where you’re able to access real-time data and analytics in just a few clicks, helping you to make informed business decisions quickly. And if you do ever need any help, our stellar customer service team are on hand to help.


Partywirks captures a lot of information with each transaction. We have a range of detailed and customizable reports to show this information in different ways. You can specify what data you want to see, export and save reports for future use.


View all of the bookings that you have received at a glance in a calendar view. Conveniently see what's coming up by using the month, week, day, or list tabs. You can also use this area to check-in your customers and see which dates and times you have blocked out.

Auto-Reminder Emails

Automatically send out reminder emails to customers who have booked an event with you a day or up to 14 days ahead of the event. You can include links or any special instructions so that your customers are aware of any action that needs to be taken beforehand.

Pay Balance URLs

Your customers are able to pay the remaining balance of their event themselves through our Balance URL button. The link that’s generated can be emailed to them. From there, they’ll be directed to securely enter their credit card details.

Digital Waivers

We also offer digital, signable waivers. Inform your customers about the risks of certain activities, and protect yourself from liability.

Multi-Location Management

Data from all locations is instantly updated in a common repository. You’re able to link multiple locations, or departments, into one management view.

Check-In Button

Once your customer arrives for their event, simply check them in by using this button. This will help you keep track of who shows up to the scheduled event, when, and at what time.

QR Codes

Quickly check-in your customers by scanning their unique QR codes that they've received in their email confirmations. The system will register the date and time of when it was scanned so that you can keep track of attendance.