Multi-location efficiency

Increased efficiency across 3 locations through Partywirks

How Kate's Online increased efficiency through Partywirks

Kate's Skating Rinks

Kate’s Skating Rinks is a family operated business with three locations in North Carolina. They’ve been in operation since 1961.

Industry: Roller Rink

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Of orders received when closed

Billy Thompson, Owner

 2019 Chairman Roller Skating Associations (RSA) Marketing Committee

The Challenge: managing orders for 3 locations

They were using a binder where all the sheets for each party were stored for their three locations. Each location is closed one day a week on a different day. The phone calls were being rolled to the open locations, but the staff couldn’t book a party because the binder was at the closed rink. “The best we could do was take a message and have the other location return the call the next day,” Billy said.

The Solution

1) Linking the three rinks together into a master account gives management real time control. Each location has its own separate account as well is staff there don’t need access to other locations.

2) Consolidated reports: Management can now view sales information across all their locations in real time.

3) Consolidated customer data: They can now have easy access to customer’s data and order information.

They have links on their website allowing customers to book their parties online whenever it is convenient for them to do so.

The Results

They’ve noticed that 50% of the orders that they now receive online are booked when they’re closed between 10 pm and 5 am. Billy says that customers “love” the fact that they can book their parties online themselves.

The number of parties that are booked during the off-season has increased.

Since people are able to see the description of the add ons for themselves, add ons are more appealing and as a result, add ons sales have increased “tremendously”.

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