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What’s new with Partywirks?

Multi-Location Finance Reports

All Multi-Location users can now get one single finance report for all of your locations, where you're able to see the payments based on the date range that you've selected. You can also schedule the report to be sent to assigned email addresses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Stripe: A New Payment Processor Option

We have integrated with Stripe, expanding our payment processor offerings, which will allow transactions to happen with various currencies in different countries. Refunds can also be issued via Stripe.

Refunds through

Customers who use are now able to issue refunds by simply clicking on the 'Refund' button in the Payment History section of the order.

Remaining Balance Reminders

You can add the Remaining Balance link to your automated email reminders, so that your customers can complete their payments 1, 3, 5, 7 or 14 days before their scheduled event.

Blocks show in Calender View

Instead of having to click back and forth between the calendar and the date blocker, you can now see all of your reservations and date blocks in one convenient place.

Automated Multilocation Finance Reports

The financial reports for all of your locations can be automatically emailed to the relevant members of staff, based on a set daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

QR Codes for Check-ins & Customer Services Forms

You can use QR codes to quickly and efficiently check-in your guests. You can also use QR codes to easily share inquiry forms in your promotional materials and with your customers without having to include long URL links.


We added a notification feature at the top of your dashboard to advise you if you're missing a step during the setup process of your packages.

Custom Online Invitations

Now you can customize your invitations and let know your customers you care about them. Just upload your image with the required measurements. Don't you have a favorite image? Our graphics team will happily help you out, just ask. *The system uses your storefront banner by default.

Pay Balance URL

Your customers are able to pay the remaining balance of their event themselves through our Balance URL button. The link that’s generated can be emailed to them; from there, they’ll be directed to securely enter their credit card details.

Check-In Button

Once your customer arrives for their event, simply check them in by using this button. This will help you keep track of who shows up to the scheduled event, when, and at what time.

Digital Waivers & Reservations

Our waivers are not only digital and signable, they are completely customizable and they are connected to specific reservations.

Pop-up Message

This is a powerful marketing tool! Use this feature to share specials, news, open hours and all kinds of messages you want to share! It opens on your storefront.

Dynamic Banners

Our graphics design team have created customizable, attractive and dynamic banners to enhance your brand, capture your customers' attention, inform them of your contact details and enhance your brand.

Website Services

We launched our website services, providing you with state-of-the-art websites at competitive prices and excellent customer service.

More Payment Processor Options

Card Connect has been added to our list of payment processors that we’re integrated with. As well as Card Connect, you’re able to choose from, Square and PayPal Pro for your payment processing needs.

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