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Mr. Gatti’s Pizza’s Story

Mr. Gatti's Story

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza! Thank you for entrusting Partywirks with your online customers!

It’s been a long time since the first Mr. Gatti’s opened in 1969. They found a formula for satisfying people’s cravings for great pizza and haven’t looked back.  

Key to Mr. Gatti’s success is a laser-like focus on the guest experience, and in the internet era that means offering instant gratification to those customers who prefer online options. To meet this new challenge, Mr. Gatti’s adopted Partywirks Online Software in 2013 for their birthday parties, group customers, field-trippers and fundraisers.

Mr. Gatti’s staff like the ease of use, how guests & staff are on the same page, and how Partywirks frees up time for more face-to-face time with customers in the facility.  

Franchise owners, corporate marketing and operations staff like the uniformity, reliability and the consistent customer experience Partywirks delivers. Plus, collecting information has never been easier. All information collected during booking, can be found in, and reported on, in one place – Partywirks’ Multi-Location Manager. This makes collecting emails and sales data for direct marketing super easy in real time. The accounting department likes this too!

Partywirks has been working with Mr. Gatti’s stores since 2013 and we’re proud to be part of their success.  

If you live near a Mr. Gatti’s, stop by for a great pizza and check them out for your next event. 

If your entertainment business is not yet online, not getting the service you deserve or have outgrown what you are using, check out Partywirks. Our software is fine-tuned for your party and event business.  

Let us help write your success story. Click on the button to get started!

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