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Partywirks software is designed to serve your online visitors through the following ways: Online Booking, Shop Now online store, Online Inquires, Online Invitations, Document access, Tell-a-Friend sharing and Online Payments & Receipts.

Other booking systems focus on the 20% of your online visitors who are ready, willing and able to “Book Now”. However, 80% of your online visitors are not ready for that yet, and you don’t want to give them the cold shoulder. You want them to take a minute to contact you so they can book in the future. Partywirks Inquiry Forms bridge this critical gap giving visitors easy ways to take action – with you.

  1. Any business that relies on reservations, registrations, sign-ups, new leads and the Internet for new customers.
  2. Businesses feeling competitive or customer pressure for not having online options available.
  3. All businesses that are swimming in paper and wants a more paper-less office.
  4. A business looking to streamline operations and improve service at the same time.

Our customers are family owned to franchises and multi-location operations across any number of industries. The one thing they have in common – customers who are online.

Partywirks knows you get calls for many reasons and all of them take your time and attention.  Some of your potential customers just aren’t ready to book, but our tools help you to capture their interest.

Whether they are calling about field trip dates, fund raisers information, to buy a gift card or want to sign up for summer camp Partywirks fully customized Inquiry Forms collect all the details from busy prospects letting them leave behind their information rather than just clicking off to another site.

Definitely. Partywirks collects key data from all of your Partywirks licenses and rolls up it up into a central reporting system. You’ll have on-demand access to key business details. Whether you have offices in Seattle or Boston and anywhere in between, data is at your fingertips.

No, unless we have integrated our two software systems. That said, we are always interested in finding more quality partners. Tell us more…

All you need to do is set up some ‘Book Now’ buttons for your packages or events, or set up other buttons that will encourage your customers to click on a link, then they’ll be directed to your booking page. Request a demo for more information.

Yes!  We believe offering Booking & Inquiry “links” as part of your Social Media strategy is crucial. We’ll walk through how you can set up call-to-action links on your social media page, so that your customers are encouraged to book your services online.

We have a tool within our software to prevent double bookings from happening, giving you peace of mind. We’d love to explain how this works in more detail, just request a demo.

Yes, we are! In fact, our software works well with iCalendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar as well. This is super handy when you have staff who need to stay informed but do not have access to the calendars in Partywirks. When this is setup all the calendar info in Partywirks will be displayed on connected calendars.

Absolutely. Our software is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to keep updated while you’re on the move. You just need to be connected to the Internet.

Yes, your customers can pay online when Partywirks is connected to one of our four online payment processing partners. All online payments are deposited directly to the bank of your choice after settlement approval by the card company.

Set Up

We’re compatible with Authorize.net, Card Connect, Square, and PayPal Pro. Click here for more information.

That entirely depends on you and what you offer. If you already have all the package information that you want to have in the system, and you have a compatible payment processor in place, then you can go live as soon as you’ve had training and feel comfortable with everything. Our system is really easy to use, so most customers go live within a week or two.

Yes, no worries, the credit card processors that we work with are PCI compliant. Furthermore, any transactions that you have coming in are directly and securely transferred to the bank of your choice.

Partywirks is intentionally designed to be used with little training and we’ve found the staff who use Partywirks every day love how it saves them time with phone calls and paperwork and report how easy it is for them to use.

Many of your prospects are thinking the same thing when you ask them to call, drive over or email for reservations. Partywirks initially requires a few hours of time, after that, it’s the answer busy people on both sides will appreciate it – an automated 24/7 self-service option that pretty much runs on auto-pilot.


Our customer fees are between $129.95 and $199.95 per month, depending on which bundle you choose for your needs.  

We also design and maintain websites and manage Facebook.

Click here to take a look at our different bundles.

No, Partywirks is a month-by-month, pay-as-you-go service, no strings attached.

We do offer a 30-day free trial upon mutual agreement. If you want to collect online payments for deposits during the trial period you will need to have a payment processor account from WorldPay, Authorize.net, Square or PayPal Pro.


You bet! Our dedicated specialists will provide you with training. Once you’re live, we’ll provide you with ongoing tech support at no charge. We’ll provide you with the number and email address to contact us. We’re very responsive and you can expect prompt service from Partywirks. We monitor phone and email 7 days a week.


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