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Partywirks 'Shop Now' Shopping Cart

Online shopping is a trend that is becoming ever more relevant these days. That’s why Partywirks has released a new shopping cart feature as part of our multi-function system to give your customers more options than just booking online.

With Partywirks Shop Now, your customers can shop and buy online as they prefer. You’re able to sell a range of products online from food, to beverages, to even arts and crafts.

Our Shop Now store can be used separately or as part of the full Partywirks suite of online business services. What’s more is that it’s easy to use, quick to get going, and training assistance is included.

Here are some features that you’ll be interested in:


Add pictures, a description, a price, and tax to the different products that you’re offering. Furthermore, give your customers more options about what they can choose. Add variants, such as T-shirt sizes and colors. Easily categorize your items to make navigation simple for your customers.

Stock Management

You can keep an eye on the inventory that you have of a certain product and make sure that don’t offer more than you have in stock.

Delivery Method

You can allow your customers to select the type of delivery method that suits them best, whether it’s to pick up the product at a specific time and date, or if they wish to get it delivered to their homes


Stay on top of sales with detailed reports. Pick and choose the categories that matter most to you before you download them.


Customers and staff will get emailed receipts with every order.

Collect Payments & Customer Information

You can simply do this by having your account connected to one of the following payment processors –, PayPal Pro or Square. Additionally, once a customer registers, their billing address will automatically be saved before they make another purchase, and you’ll be able to capture customer information.

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