Our LOW IMPACT, LOW VELOCITY, LIGHT WEIGHT paintball markers are PERFECT for Kids PAINTBALL parties. The players can focus on HAVING FUN instead of worrying about getting hit.
Plus the lightweight equipment keeps the players safer and they do not tire from carrying around equipment made for adults.
Our equipment is more fun and the safest for young players.

What is a paintball? A Paintball is a round ball filled with paint that "marks" the opponent when it hits and breaks open. We use only water based paintballs (unlike some other locations) so it washes out easily. Inferior paintballs that contain oil tend to stain your clothes, gear, and skin.

Is paintball safe? Paintball is one of the safest sports, period, and great for kids and adults. The sport is even safer than playing golf!



Perfect for young players!

This Paintball Package is perfect for young and old players ages 7 years old and up. The paintball markers are .50 caliber, low impact, and light weight. It is perfect for new or younger players. It is also great for teens; the low impact lets you focus on playing and having fun and not sting of the next hit.

Why .50 caliber paintball and what's the main reason .50 caliber is better for young players? The "OUCH" factor. of .50 caliber paintballs is about 1/3 the impact when it hits someone vs. regular .68 caliber paintballs and equipment. You will still feel the paintball when it hits but the impact is significantly less of a factor, remember it is only 1/3 the amount of impact compared to regular .68 caliber, therefore allowing the player to focus on having fun and enjoying the game vs. worrying if the paintball will hit and how bad will it hurt. Plus, there is less paint in the smaller .50 caliber paintball so there is less clean up on your clothes.

- Minimum Age for Kids party is 7 years old.
- Maximum Age for this type party is, well, there isn't one. Grownups can act like kids too and have fun.
- This party is perfect for young players that want lower impact, lower velocity and much lighter paintball markers but older siblings, moms, dads, relatives, etc are welcome to play too. Or, if you just want to play with this fun equipment then book this party, you don't have to literally be a kid, just a kid at heart!
- .50 caliber Marker setups are lighter and lower impact for younger players.
- 2 hours of play time
- Referee party specialist
- 4000 Paintballs
- Table for your party
- 30 minutes of additional time after your party play time for food, drinks, presents, etc
- $295 for 10 players. Invite additional players for just $29 each.
- If you have less than 10 players you are still responsible for the full party package price.

$295 for 10 players. Invite additional players for just $29 each. If you have less than 10 players you are still responsible for the full party package price.

This package is offered on:
  • Saturdays & Sundays at 10:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • All players must check in 30 minutes prior to start time
  • All player waivers must be completed before checkin time
Note: It is the responsibility of the party host or team leader to ensure that all players submit a waiver. Click her to submit the waiver and email this link to all players in your party.