Kart Rules and Restrictions:

Height Requirements:

40″ Tall for Rookie Karts and ages 5-9 years-old
54″ Tall for Go-Karts and 10 years-old & above
Two-Seater Karts : 3-9 years-old with Adult (16 years & older) Driver and at least 40″ tall


* Bumping or reckless driving not permitted EVER!
* Hair longer than shoulder length shall be restrained in some manner while in the Kart.
* Loose clothing should be secured
* Both hands should remain on the steering wheel when the Kart is in operation.
* If the Kart stops while on the track the rider should remain seated and wait for the operator for assistance.
* Do not exit from the Karts in the pit area until instructed to do so.
* Food or drink is not permitted in or near the Kart or pit area.
* Persons under the influence of intoxicants shall not operate or ride in a Kart.
* Fully enclosed shoes must be worn when in or around the Karts.
* Patrons should obey any and all posted rules of the track at all times.
* Pregnant? Pain in the neck or back? Bad Heart? Please DON’T RIDE

Andy B's Tulsa Go Kart Waiver
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