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Wands Ready! HP Workshop
Wednesday, January 2
4:00 pm

Get together with your fellow house mates and visit all our wizarding stations. Choose your area of interest: Wands, Owls, Monster Books, Spell Books, Herbology and more! Choose one or all of them. Check out the pictures to see what all the possibilities are.

It's a great event to meet other wizards from the area. Dress in your favorite wizard get up or just slip in undetected.

$20 holds your seat. You pay for what you actually do the day of the workshop.

Wands with working light $32
Owl Boxes $20
Monster or Spell Books $20
Canvas Painting $25
Mandrake $20
%10 off for multiple projects.

No studio fees for this workshop!

8 and up=> through adults.
149 E. Main Street
Northville, MI 48167

Wands Ready! HP Workshop
Monster Books, Spell Books Your choice-or make both.

More Pictures

Activity Picture Activity Picture Activity Picture Activity Picture Activity Picture


1 person - $20.00