About Sponsored Team Member Express Check In

Sponsored Team Members express check in.
Weekends only.
You must have a Blitz Sponsored team membership card to use express check in.
Team membership card must be presented at time of check in, if card is not present but we verify you are a sponsored player you will have to fill out a waiver and proceed through orientation.
If the card is not present and we cannot verify if you are a sponsored player your prices will be adjusted to standard rates.

You may only reserve for yourself, you may not reserve multiple members or guests!

Pay in advance, no standing in the registration line. Show up, go to the express check in, grab your wristband and whatever else you purchased and get to playing!
There is a $1 per use fee.

This service allows Sponsored Team members to prepay for their upcoming Blitz visit and have everything ready for them when they show up.

To become a sponsored team please visit the sponsorship page of the website and review the requirements. Then you may discuss your event participation with Chaz or Isaac.

Sponsored Player express entry
Sponsored Player express entry
Sponsored entry, $56 Includes entry, Air and 1 case of Field Grade.