We know how busy you are. Trying to plan an event as well as running all over town to buy gifts can be burdensome.

Blitz has placed some great gift items as well as various types of equipment, clothes and markers in our online store!
Chose from some of the most popular upgrades!!

You can buy your gifts or equipment from this online store and have them waiting when you arrive!!

Also, when buying some items, like t-shirts or Items with many color choices you can pick out your size and style once you are here to insure the perfect gift!

This store is intended for Colorado customers and has sales tax pre calculated into the prices.

Online Store
Valken 48CI 3K high pressure air tank. Stainless bonnet!! $53 tax included!

Have this tank waiting at the Blitz!!

Ninja 68ci 4.5K HP Tank Black $155

Sales Tax $9

Total $ 164

Ninja 68ci 4.5K HP Tank Black

20 oz CO2 tank $20
Tax $1
Plus 20 oz fill $4 tax included

Total $25.00

20 oz tank with fill

20 oz tank with fill

Tippman Alpha Black $150
Tax $8

Tippman Alpha Black

Tippman Alpha Black

Tippman Project Salvo $155
Sales Tax $9

Total $164

Tippman Project Salvo

Ego LV1 Deep Hunter for $1395
Sales Tax $82


Ego LV1 Deep Hunter

Ego LV1 Deep Hunter

Planet Eclipse Etha -Black $350
Sales tax $20

Planet Eclipse Etha - Black

PE Etha - Black

PE Etha - Black

HK Ball Breaker $12
Tax $.70

We carry all the colors, Pick your color at the Blitz!

HK Ball Breaker

HK Ball Breaker

Blitz flat bill hat
1 ($20.00 each)

Pick your size and color at the Blitz!

Blitz Flat Bill

Blitz Flat Bill

Blitz Gear package $60
Flat Bill Hat
Long sleeve t-shirt
Small and Large Blitz Sticker

Pick your sizes and colors at the Blitz!!

Flat Bill

Flat Bill

Click on the thumbnails for more!

Flat Bill Beanie T-Shirt
Long sleeve T-Shirt    
JT Spectra Pro Shield Thermal Mask $47

Tax $ 2.77

Total $49.77

Dye IR4 Black/Gold $150
Tax $8.85

Total $158.85

GXG Tac Vest Black/Camo $55
Tax $3.24

Total $58.24

Pick Black or Camo when you arrive!!

(pods and tank in picture for display only)

Click on the thumbnails for more!

Pods and tank in picture for display only
Dye Rotor Black $190

Tax $11.21

Total $201.21

4 Pods Smoke $10

Tax $ .59

Total 10.59

Valken Pack with 4 pods $45

Tax $2.65

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