Nickel City is the perfect place for school groups, day camps, civic associations, church groups, and other organizations because of its clean, friendly atmosphere and its ability to provide fun on a budget for large groups, come rain or shine.

Our cafe with classic menu items including pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken tenders, french fries and more also offers ice cream, snowballs, and funnel cakes as well as Coca-Cola fountain drinks and teas.

We also offer larger, private party rooms with striking d├ęcor and lighting. When fully expanded, these rooms can hold nearly 100 people. This flexible capacity allows for Nickel City to extend its reach beyond intimate birthday parties to larger functions such as family reunions, corporate team-building, fundraisers, sports banquets and charity events.

For groups of 25 or more, please call 858.675.9700 to speak with a team member about dates and availability. Reservations and highly recommended, no deposit required.

We offer a discounted group rate of $2.50/person (child or chaperone).

We offer $5 (lasts around 30-45 minutes), $7 (lasts around 45 minutes to an hour), and $10 (last around 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours) bags of nickels as well. Custom nickel bags are also available to meet certain budgetary requirements if need be.

We have an outside patio available for bagged lunches or you may reserve our private party room for food purchased from our cafe is needed.

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