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Wednesday, JULY 31st, 2019

$15 plus price of enchanted object

Join us for an enchanting evening of wizards, wands, and wonderful fun! You may enter platform 9 3/4 by registering as a guest for this mystical event. All muggles will need to sign up and secure a spot in order to attend. Parents are reminded that first years (under 12) are not allowed to ride their own broomsticks (must attend with adult).

Registration includes a seat in the Great Hall, butterbeer, wizardly snacks from Honeydukes, pictures in the photo booth and face painting, .

Each guest will be required to choose an enchanted object to create in addition to registration or will be sent to Azkaban.

There is no limit to the amount of additional add-ons purchased. Any guest not able to complete the painting or creating during the event is encouraged to apparate back to glaze another day.

We STRONGLY encourage you to look through the add-ons before registration begins so that you are prepared for acceptance into Hogwarts.

PLEASE send an owl or call the studio with any questions you may have BEFORE registration begins.

Glaze Paint
149 Green Bay Road
Thiensville, WI 53092