About Team Building

Step out of the work place and into the Fun Zone! Go outside the box and right into glaze.

Choose the creative option that will work best for your TEAM.

Strengthen the TEAM through a hands on experience.

pottery painting
glass fusing
clay hand building


Celebrate with your TEAM by hosting a holiday or anytime party and each guest will be able to create his/her own masterpiece.

Team Building work for: corporate groups, athletic teams, clubs, administrative staff, families and friends.

Team Building
Paint Escape Team Building
Paint Escape Team Building
Let go and have some fun with your co-workers. Studies show that happy employees are more productive. Come to our "happy place" and select a mug, bowl or plate to paint. It's your blank canvas to express your inner artist!!

$15-$35 per guest
Glass Quilt Team Building
Glass Quilt Team Building
Each TEAM member will receive a glass square to design. The individual pieces will then be fused together to create one large treasure. Display in your workplace and appreciate how each smaller piece contributed to the final work of art.

$120 for the first 10 guests. $10 each additional guest up to 36 guests total.
Mud Magic Team Building
Mud Magic Team Building
Follow a few step by step instructions before venturing off to mold your sphere of clay into an original creature or circle vase. Playing with mud is a natural stress reliever. Relax and connect with your TEAM while playing with clay.

$20 per guest
Paint & Pass Team Building
Paint & Pass Team Building
Strengthen TEAM bonds when you take a turn adding your mark on the new break room mugs. What you start with may not be where you envisioned ending up. This activity depends on the various personalities that contribute.

$27 per guest