Kate's has always provided the FUN way to raise money. We offer many different options for your group, school, or organization to raise funds.

Also, anytime you do a fundraiser with us, you get paid THAT NIGHT!

We have everything you need for a successful fundraiser - location, materials, ideas and enthusiasm! Please complete this short questionnaire to help us gather information about your plans, needs, timing and ideas. Our staff will review and follow up.

Planning a Fundraiser?
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* What is the budget for your Fundraiser?

* Are you considering holding your Fundraiser at our facility or do you have another location in mind?

* When you do expect to make a decision about where and when your Fundraiser will be held?

* Who will be in charge of your Fundraiser? Yourself? A committee? Please provide details so we know who we need to communicate with. Include names, email addresses and phone numbers of key contacts.

* Who will be invited to your Fundraiser?
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* How much money are you trying to raise?

* If we need to reach you by phone, what is the best number to call? Is there a time of day that is better?

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Third Party Sharing At no time does Kate's share it's customer's billing or private information with any third party. Any info given on this site is completely secure and safe!

Outside Food Booked parties are allowed to bring in their own CAKE and/or ICE CREAM ONLY. No other outside food or drink is permitted inside the building at anytime. We offer our parties space in our refrigerator or freezer during their party.

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