What a great way to reward employees for the good work that they have done to make your business go, to motivate them, or for team building. Great for retirement or farewell gatherings, to celebrate a special day or company anniversary, the landing of a new account, or just to have some fun together.

Maple Lanes offers terrific, fun parties at bargain prices that let people have a good time without hurting the company pocketbook.

2 hours of bowling per person, shoes, ball, just $6 plus tax

Package discount pricing is not available during a time when leagues are bowling

Great prices on food and beverages too!

Drinks or food items may also be offered and added to the company bill or for employees to purchase on their own. Another option is to provide drink tickets that allow employees to have the number of drinks you would want provided. Book that party now. We'll make it fun for you!

Any golfers in your group? We can also arrange for twosome or foursome golf outings for your company people or for something different to do with those key customers or clients! Just $30 an hour, no matter the number of golfers. Food and beverage service available tee-side!!!

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