“Please note that one form is required to be filled out for each bowler that is registering.”

2017 PWBA St. Petersburg
Clearwater Open Pro Am
Entry Form for 7 pm Thursday,
July 6th at Seminole Lanes

Thursday, July 6th - Official practice - 4:30pm-6pm
Thursday, July 6th - Pro Am - 7pm
Friday, July 7th - Official Practice – 9am-10am
Friday, July 7th – Qualifying Round One – 12pm
Friday, July 7th – Qualifying Round Two – 6pm
Saturday, July 8th – Cashers Round - 8:30 am
Saturday, July 8th – Match Play – 1pm
Saturday, July 8th – Group Step Ladder – 5pm

ProAm Tourney Registration
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* Male or Female:

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* Highest Fall 16-17 Yearbook Average:

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By submitting to this you agree to the following policies.

***Tournament Rules and Regulations*** 1. AVERAGES: The average used will be the bowler’s highest 2016-2017 fall season average of 21 games or more. Bowlers without a 16-17 season average may use their highest average of 21 games or more from the 15-16 season. If current average is TEN (10) PINS HIGHER, it is the bowlers responsibility to report that to the Tournament Director. All other bowlers must bowl scratch.
2. Date of Birth/Age is only necessary for seniors & youth bowlers. Seniors must be 50 years old or older at the time of the tournament.
3. Presenting a true and accurate league average is the responsibility of the participating bowler.
4. HANDICAPS: All handicaps will be 90% of the difference of bowler’s average from 220. There will be a maximum handicap of 210.
5. All bowlers will receive 3 complimentary strikes in the 3rd, 6th, & 9th frame of each game.
6. FORMAT: Bowl 3 games with 3 different professional women bowlers.
7. Professionals will receive a 200 minimum score each game.
8. PAYOUT: For every 8 entrants, 1 cash place will be paid. Payouts will be based on a combined 3 game scratch + handicap total. Youth Bowlers: Any youth bowler will have their winnings awarded to their SMART account. Multiple entries – Bowlers may bowl and cash in both squads, however, a bowler can only cash once in the top 5. In the event that a bowler finishes in the top 5 twice, they will receive 6th place award money for the lower of the two places. 10.00 dollars of every entry goes towards the Prize Fund.
9. Tournament Director reserves the right to re-rate or reject any entry in the Pro-Am Tournament.

Note: “Please note that one form is required to be filled out for each bowler that is registering.”

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