About Season Pass

Skate up to 180 hours all summer long with our Summer Pass.

Summer Pass
Available now! Summer Pass for June, July, and August

Purchase yours today and get September for FREE!

Summer Pass - $89.95 is good for all open public skating including general admission and skate/blade rental:
Friday 5-9 pm and Saturday 3-9 pm. Up to 10 hours of skating each week! Over 180 hours of skating in a summer! June, July, August, September

Our Summer Pass is for general admission and skate/blade rental starting on the first weekend in June and expires after the last weekend in September.

Show your confirmation at the office at time of entry to register for the summer.

Roller Skate/Blade Rental is included for FREE, if needed.

Our Summer Pass is not for Birthday Parties, Group Outings, or Special Events. This Summer Pass is not transferable to another person. TERMS OF USE APPLY