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  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet all day so make sure you wear something accordingly. Your shoes will end up very dirty by the end of the day so don’t were something that you want to stay clean.
  • Get here early. We suggest arriving at least 20 minutes ahead of your group’s scheduled playing time so we can get you registered and ready to go!
  • Download the waivers and have them ready ahead of time! We have supplied a link to our player waivers so you can fill them out early.
  • Bring a change of clothing. After a long day of paintball it’s always nice to change into clean clothes for the ride home. It keeps dirt our of your car and if you car pool, it keeps your friends happy too!
  • Bring your sense of adventure and humor because you are about to participate in an exciting and fun sport!

  • You have 72 hours before your party start time to cancel your outing and have a full refund. If you do not make this time frame TANKS will allow you 30 days to re-book your party. If you change your booking 24 hours before your party start time you will not be charged for this change. If you change your party after the 24 hour window you will charged a $25.00 rescheduling fee. Thank you for your business and understanding.

MINIMUM AGE TO PLAY Minimum age to play at Tank’s Paintball Park is 8 years old.

Party info
  • Please set aside 3 hours for your party. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time so that we can fit players for gear and safety briefing before plating. You will have 2 hours play time and half an hour after play for food and gifts.
  • You may bring all your own food and drinks (no alcohol) for your outing. We do have a gas grill for use if you would like to cook hot dog or hamburgers but please let us know you would like to use so we may accommodate the use. Thank you for choosing TANKS and enjoy your outing.

WAIVER All participants, whether playing or spectating in the game area must complete a limited liability waiver. Waivers may be completed onsite.

Click here and share this link to our wiaver with your guests.

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