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All reservations require a $5 deposit per player. This is applied towards your balance upon arrival or refunded when applicable.

Extreme "Z-BALLZ" session is for ages 13+ only

This session is for those who want the same adrenaline rush as paintball
but don't want the same mess and pain.

This will be the most intense foam war you have ever had in your life

Now don't let the fact that this session utilizes the all new foam "Z-BALLZ" lead you to think that this is any less intense or exciting than playing paintball. Unless you don't have a pulse, you are going to have a blast maneuvering through our urban course as you and your squad attempt to take control of the city, all while equipped with a paintball marker that fires the all new Z-BALLZ. Z-BALLZ are a softer foam alternative to paintballs resulting in a cleaner and lighter impact than the sport of paintball. For those of you already familiar with paintball alernatives, the all new Z-BALLZ are extremely lighter and more enjoyable to be hit with than reballs.

This session was created to offer a fun, clean, and softer experience of our popular paintball session. This session is fun for ages 13 and older only. So get your squad together and come have a blast.

You and your guests will blast it out against each other as they strategically, or chaotically, maneuver through our indoor arena.

Our staff will arrange different games or create different objectives for each team in order for them to complete their mission and win the battle.

All guests, within the session, will be divided into two teams. Teams will face off against each other, under guidance and supervision of our staff.

Online reservations are required.

Your 2 hour session is $45 per player, however, during our launch of our new Z-BALLZ session, your reduced price is only $25 each

We do require a $5 deposit, per player, when making your required online reservation. Deposits are applied towards your balance or refunded, when applicable, at the end of your visit.

All participants must be at least 13 years old.

We supply all needed equipment. You show up ready to have some fun. Come prepared to be active and and have a blast.

1401 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85281

Extreme "Z-BALLZ"


1 player - $25.00