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Idea Reservations require a total party size of 5 to 8.

On a long range expedition, an asteroid strikes your shuttle. Awakening to alarms you realize the damage is catastrophic. Can you prepare the escape pod in time?

XTREME LASER STORM brings you a galactic version of the popular Escape Room attraction.  Great Space Escape...reserve your mission today!

Reservations now accepted for missions of 5-8 crew members. Missions for crews smaller than 5 welcome...simply reserve for 5.
Pricing: SPECIAL $12 per crew member!

Your booking ensures EXCLUSIVITY - we do not mix crews on each mission.

Missions begin every 90 minutes. You have 60 minutes to successfully activate the escape pod.

The future of our galaxy depends on you - are you ready for the challenge??
456 Home Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Great Space Escape


1 Crew Member - $12.00