“I was looking for an affordable online scheduling company in 2021 that could keep up with our somewhat complicated demands of our axe throwing and smash room entertainment center/bar. I interviewed several companies, and decided on Partywirks. While the system doesn’t do everything that we need/want it to do, it is working for us. Since making the change almost a year ago we have been approached by several other companies with similar scheduling capability. The reason I stay with PartyWirks is because of the amazing service that we receive from Victor Martinez.


Anytime I have a question, ask for a change to fit our needs, or just don’t know how to do something I can reach out to Victor (usually through email) and he gets back to me with an answer, how-to-instructions, or puts in a request for the change we need. I know that I can count on Victor to care about our needs and our business as much as we do. He doesn’t pass me off to other people or take days to respond. He is always helpful and friendly, prompt in replying (even if it’s just to say he needs to talk to the engineers or someone to get me an answer), and works with us on what we need. I truly appreciate the support he provides and know that I will always be supported by Victor because he cares.


From the very beginning Victor took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us amazing service. I wholeheartedly recommend Victor Martinez and Partywirks to anyone that has a need for online scheduling.”