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Did you know Partywirks does websites? We do! We use WordPress to create mobile friendly websites that don’t lock you in.

This is a great opportunity to transform your online brand, connect with potential customers and sell your products or services. 

Partywirks creates and hosts great websites, with the simplest, most popular way to create websites: WordPress. In fact, more than one in four websites you visit are likely powered by this awesome tool.

This means websites created by Partywirks use the latest technology and are easy to maintain and manage.

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Website Options

We start with a 5 page website

Some businesses may require additional pages and our rule of thumb is $100 for each additional page. Complex pages maybe priced higher.

Hosting & Support

You are not on your own, you can host your site with Partywirks for $99.95 per month. This includes up to two hours of Partywirks website support each month.

Social Media Support

Additional $199.95 per month for Facebook Integration and Support, which includes weekly posts, links to your Partywirks pages, and the monitoring of messages as appropiate.

Partywirks Websites come with

5 Pages:

Home, About us, Contact us, Services and FAQs. Title and use of the pages can be customized as needed.

* Available only with our Hosting & Support service
*Forms can be connected to your marketing platform. We do not manage your marketing platforms.
*Sometimes a special plan or plugin is needed in order to connect the forms to your chosen marketing platform.


50% deposit to get started. Balance due 30 days after the new site is “live” and online. Ask about monthly payments.


Monthly Hosting

$99.95 per month


Technical Support Hours

Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Standard Time



Partywirks does not require written contracts or term agreements. You are free to host your new website with Partywirks or anywhere you choose.

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