A brand new Partywirks.

It’s been a long ride since that first Partywirks reservation. People, the internet, markets and technology have changed a lot since then. The world today is more connected, dynamic and reliant on technology than ever before.

Changes come with new challenges and require adaptation. As a company we navigate changes through teamwork, reinvesting in our products and putting you at the top of our priorities.

That’s why we are proud to announce new branding for Partywirks which includes not only a revamp of our logo, but the refinement of our whole identity about who we are, what we offer, where we are going and how we communicate with you and the world.

What hasn’t changed is the warm service you receive from us, which is the core of our purpose: to connect you with your guests and help your business reach its full potential.

With a modern logo plus fresh brand elements we are now able to improve our communication to serve you even better in ways not possible before.

Big things are coming to you, to your guests, to us. The future is exciting.

Stay tuned and let’s get this party started!