The Customer Self-Service Solution for your Party & Event Business.

Meet the demands of today’s digital customers with customer self-service options that remove sales barriers and attract online customers.

Why pay staff to do things guests would prefer to do themselves?

Features & benefits

Beyond “Book Now” - Serve More of Your Online Visitor Mix

Online visitors come in all shapes and sizes with different interests, about 20% are ready to Book. The other 80% are future customers, future lessons, future group events or even future employees. Learn how Partywirks covers your “Book Now” needs plus future business.

Upsell Add-ons

Showcase the food, beverage & gifts you offer while guests are booking their party (many don’t know what you offer). They can add to their online order or purchase after they arrive better informed. 

Customized Booking Questionnaires

Collect all the party/event details during the booking process, from the customer themselves, with customized forms. Your team can prepare the event with no need to chase details later.

Collect Credit Card Payments with Order

No more checks in the mail. Customer payments are processed at time of order through our secure payment processor partners (Square, Stripe,, Card Connect, WorldPay and PayPal) and your customers payments go right to your Bank. This is the fastest way to money in your account.

Set-it and Forget It

Partywirks is easy to use and easy to maintain. After initial setup and training, your system will be ready to operate automatically with minimal staff interaction. 

Supports Work From Home

Your customers are not the only ones who benefit with easy online access. Staff can use Partywirks from anywhere too.

Easy Wins! No Barriers to Use. No Login or Account Required

Partywirks is user friendly with no annoying login hassles.

Focus Attention with Pop-up Message

Have a special message or event to promote? Use the built-in pop-up message to put attention where you want it.

Booking Process

"The Customer

“This is the best online reservation system for family entertainment centers".

The system is very user friendly and they keep improving their features… Everyone on my team highly praises Partywirks’ customer service – it’s the best. Thanks Partywirks!”

Michelle Li
Homestead Bowl

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