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JungleJack pw

Partywirks' products and customer service are of the highest quality...

"Our company has been working with Partywirks for well over 10 years, and we have always found their products and customer service to be of the highest quality. I have personally dealt with Monique and their technical team for over 4 years. They continually go above and beyond in their assistance and have always been there for us. On the rare occasions that it’s been needed, their problem solving has been fast and effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending this organization."

David Black

Jungle Jacs


We definitely recommend Partywirks if you are thinking of adding online reservations to your bowling center...

"Partywirks and online reservations have grown to be an integral part of our open play business. We average 35-50 online reservations per day, Friday-Sunday, every weekend - we allow guests to book up to 4 lanes with one reservation. This has taken all of the hassle out of trying to take reservations over the phone during peak times. We simply refer the guest to our website where we have a link to the reservation page right on our home page.  We also book our children's birthday party packages using Partywirks and this year we added our New Year's Eve Party Packages. Monique, our Partywirks coordinator, is excellent. She is very responsive to all emails and phone calls and is patient and helpful whenever we have ideas for new additions to the system but need help building and implementing them. We definitely recommend Partywirks if you are thinking of adding online reservations to your bowling center!!"

Kathy Clay

Laurel Lanes

Next Level Testim

Partywirks helped me every step of the way…

“Partywirks has been a big boost for my small business! Their friendly staff helped me every step of the way – they’re a great team!”

Jason Baney

Next Level Gaming

Adorable logo

Partywirks has been the best decision our business had made...

“Working with Partywirks has been the best decision our business has made. It is a real convenient software to use, it’s super easy, and it helps us save a lot of time. This software has changed our lives for sure! It’s easy to use, and it’s easy for our clients. They can go online and reserve the day they want their party, and after that they receive an email confirmation. I don’t have to keep doing everything manually, such as sending confirmation emails, seeing if the day is available, going back and forth with clients to finalize the details, etc.; my clients can do everything online. Victor is great! He answers every single one of my 45 questions that I have every day. He answers right away and solves any issues right away. If you are looking for a software to save some time for your business, and receive great customer service, then don’t look any further. Victor and his team have your back and they will take care of you.”

Natalia Becerra

Adorable Kids Parties


I wish I would have added Partywirks years ago...

“Partywirks has been probably the best thing I have ever done for my business. We are booking double if not triple the parties, because customers can book any time they want and not wait on a return call. Also, they may talk themself out of hosting a party at your place while waiting on a return call. It frees up so much time for me to take care of other things, and not being stuck on the phone saying the same thing over and over all day. I wish I would have added this years ago when I first heard about Partywirks. I guess I was just being stubborn not wanting to learn something new. Well, set up is not hard, they do it for you. Then it’s so amazing just to sign in and see the parties being booked, and you didn’t have to do a thing. I’m not a tech person, so if I can do it just about anyone can. The price per month for Partywirks is so worth it and cheap, especially considering the freedom they have given me and the ease for my customers to book whenever they want no matter the time of day. Partywirks’ customer service is amazing also. If I have questions, need something changed or updated they are there for you right away.”

Tish Aguillard

Aggie's Skate Connection


I wholeheartedly recommend Partywirks...

“I was looking for an affordable online scheduling company in 2021 that could keep up with our somewhat complicated demands of our axe throwing and smash room entertainment center/bar. I interviewed several companies, and decided on Partywirks. While the system doesn’t do everything that we need/want it to do, it is working for us. Since making the change almost a year ago we have been approached by several other companies with similar scheduling capability. The reason I stay with PartyWirks is because of the amazing service that we receive from Victor Martinez. Anytime I have a question, ask for a change to fit our needs, or just don’t know how to do something I can reach out to Victor (usually through email) and he gets back to me with an answer, how-to-instructions, or puts in a request for the change we need. I know that I can count on Victor to care about our needs and our business as much as we do. He doesn’t pass me off to other people or take days to respond. He is always helpful and friendly, prompt in replying (even if it’s just to say he needs to talk to the engineers or someone to get me an answer), and works with us on what we need. I truly appreciate the support he provides and know that I will always be supported by Victor because he cares. From the very beginning Victor took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us amazing service. I wholeheartedly recommend Victor Martinez and Partywirks to anyone that has a need for online scheduling.”

Ardith Peper

Smashin Good Time


We love how user-friendly Partywirks is...

“We have been using Partywirks for about one month! We love how user-friendly it is for us and for our customers! We also love that it integrates with our Square account! We would definitely recommend Partywirks to anyone looking for FEC booking software!”

Angela Hinds

Roller World Party Center


Partywirks is an amazing addition…

“We’re off to a great start with the online booking system provided by Partywirks. We have booked almost 40 new parties since we went live a week ago Friday. There’s a great deal of excitement in our community around this new addition to our business and we anticipate great things going forward. Your customer service is outstanding. Thanks so much to you and your team for helping us put this together. We look forward to developing this new tool in the days and weeks ahead. It’s an amazing addition to the services we provide to our community.”

Stan Burgett

Rock N Roller Rink


Partywirks is the best online reservation system for FECs…

Partywirks makes our party and lane reservations so easy. We tried at least 3 different party booking systems before we used Partywirks; this is the best online reservation system for family entertainment centers. The system is very user friendly and they keep improving their features.

Their customer service and technical support is awesome! I can’t remember how many times we have contacted them, even during the holidays when we need to change different things for our business. Luis and Monique always very patiently help us. Everyone on my team highly praises Partywirks’ customer service – it’s the best. Thanks Partywirks!”

Michelle Li

Homestead Bowl


Our customers love the product..

“The Partywirks team has been absolutely amazing! Our customers love the product, and our team has always had an amazing experience working with the Partywirks team! Amazing, fast customer service that is always quick to respond to any questions you have! Great job, Partywirks!!!”

Justin Moore

Ninja Obstacle Academy


Partywirks has been a great help to our business in these wild times...

“When Covid hit, we had discussions about how we could create a better experience with less physical contact. At the time, we offered no online reservations and many people were looking to avoid lines and deal with less cash. I was familiar with Partywirks from a previous center and we added the system right before our reopen. It was a huge success as we did over 75 bookings in the first month. Now we regularly have 2 to 3 reservations a day and customers love being able to pay online and reserve their lanes in advance. We also used the information gained on the customers to expand our email marketing list and have added other packages and food to our online store. It’s been a great help to our business in these wild times.”

John McCarthy III

Kingpin Lanes


Partywirks is very easy to work through...

“We have so many events and birthday packages and it’s so nice to be able to separate them, whereas with our last system, we had to just lump them all together and it was kind of confusing, so Partywirks is very easy to work through. I would recommend Partywirks to people because it’s a very easy website to work through with the back-end and it’s also easy on the customer side. Also, with our last company, it would take days to get help, but George from Partywirks always responds within an hour and is so helpful. The customer support from Partywirks is great!”

Jen Halley

Skate Zone


Partywirk has constantly improved the platform…

Partywirks has really helped streamline online reservations. In the years working with them they have constantly improved the platform and continue to make the process as well as image better for our customers. Well worth the money!”

Isaac Blizzard

Blitz Paintball


Customers love the ease of the online booking process...

“Partywirks has made our party booking process so much easier!! We now have parties being booked 24 hours per day and don’t have to depend on staff to do the booking by phone. Customers love the ease of the online booking process and the fact that they can book at any time of day even when we are not in the office to answer the phone. The Partywirks team provides us with the best in customer service and are always working to make their product better and more user friendly.”

Patricia Henning

Marple Sports Arena


I couldn’t ask for a better software for party bookings…

“Ever since we switched over to Partywirks, my business and overall customer experience has greatly improved. The team is great and I couldn’t ask for a better software for party bookings.”

J.D. Garcia

Corpus Christi Athletic Club


Partywirks listens to the needs of clients...

“Partywirks is a platform that allows customers to book at any moment of the day, creating convenience for customers and team members. Luis and Larry are a great duo that is constantly striving to create and build upon their current platform, as they listen to the needs of clients and continue to work towards achieving the aspects that can further elevate the party booking experience as a whole.”

Ciara Rattana

Mr. Gatti's Pizza Halls & Maryville/Capstone Concepts


If you’re on the fence, make the jump because you won’t be disappointed…

“We have been using Partywirks for almost 10 years now and couldn’t be happier! Before Partywirks we used to take bookings the old fashioned way (pen, paper and a big date book). The only way a customer could book with us was during normal business hours. Immediately after making the switch we saw a big increase in our bookings since customers could now book online. Our overall productivity increased as well with all of the reporting and insights that they provide you with. The support team at Partywirks are excellent and they’re always looking for new ways to improve their service and make their clients more money. I could go on for hours talking about all of the other benefits as well. If you’re on the fence, make the jump because you won’t be disappointed!”

Joe Angeleri

Lone Wolf Paintball


I’m happy to be a part of the Partywirks family..

“Partywirks Online Booking System is perfect for us, as it allows us to get bookings 24/7. I love the fact that a customer can book a party any time of day, at their convenience, even when we’re closed. I can’t say enough about their customer support. They’re always coming up with new features to make the customer experience easier and better. Luis is always so helpful, whenever I have questions. I’m happy to be a part of the Partywirks family!”

Venetta Carraway

Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club


Partywirks has been instrumental in my business...

“Partywirks has been instrumental in my business from a management and operational standpoint. Our increased revenue in our party business can be directly correlated with the relationship that we have with Partywirks and its customer friendly software.”

Billy Thompson

Kate's Skating Rinks


Partywirks turned my website into a commerce engine…

“Partywirks turned my website into a commerce engine. It’s always on, and unlike humans, doesn’t have bad days, arrive late, miss work, and it never rests. It offers and sells exactly what we want it to present to our prospective customers – 100% of the time. Partywirks generates more add-on sales by a close percentage than our human workforce.”

Jim Selke

Classic Lanes Bowl


Partywirks has been a very productive, streamlined and efficient booking tool...

“I have been a satisfied Partywirks customer for the past three years for numerous reasons: The system is great for tracking upcoming bookings. The user-interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use. They provide prompt technical support when I’ve needed it. The set-up was easy and didn’t require a long term contract. Partywirks has been a very productive, streamlined and efficient booking tool for my business.”

Trish Stephens

Lively Laser Tag


Get them to the website, that’s where the money is..

“Partywirks has streamlined our check-in process. We can easily see who has reserved and paid their deposit online. We know who they are, how many in their party, when they will arrive, what food and beverages they want, and if they need any special attention like lane bumpers for example. Our sales office is never closed. Get them to the website, that’s where the money is! Our guests love this option. They get the information they need and we get information we need about them, plus their deposit. We see orders coming in at all hours of the day and every day of the week. Our phones simply could not keep up. Everybody wins when guests book online.”

Andrew Turner

Green Acres Bowl


I can’t imagine running our business without Partywirks…

“Partywirks has made our bookings easy! Our customers love how easy it is to book online, and not play phone tag. We were only taking reservations over the phone, but now 90% of our booking are online. I can’t imagine running our business without the Partywirks reservation system!”

Jhantel Oberhill

Wagon Wheel Skating Rink


Partywirks is the most active in creating exactly what you need…

“I have used 4 different companies in my 18 years at our company. Partywirks by far is the fastest to reply to you, they are the most active in creating exactly what you need and the storefront looks the sharpest. We are pleased with what we are seeing and we have only been with them under a year.”

Amy Richards

Stardust Entertainment


Just add a book now button and shazaam you’re taking reservations…

“I’ve used Partywirks at two centers now. I would recommend anyone not doing online reservations, particularly smaller centers without the latest scoring (which have some online capabilities) to give it a try… pretty simple just add a book now button to your website / Facebook / Instagram and shazaam you’re taking online reservations. Last I will add Partywirks has always been there to help if we had an issue.”

Jack McCarthy

Strike and Spare Bowling Centers

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