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Only 20% of people who visit you online are actually ready to book, and this is what other online booking systems cater to. What about the other 80% of those people who were curious enough to look you up? Partywirks’ multi-service approach allows you to provide more options for more people, making it easier for online visitors to take immediate action. We help you to serve these potential customers in the following ways. Click on the icons to find out more:

Online Booking

Pop-Up Message

As soon as your customer lands on your booking page, they could see a customized message from your business.

This could be used to highlight any special events or discounts, or could even just be used to welcome your guests.

The Booking Process

Our single-page online booking system provides a smooth and easy user experience for your customers. Everything that they need to book is at their fingertips and involves minimal clicking with no login required.

Your customers will have the option to book their events by date or by package. You’ll also be able to add waivers and customize your add ons, terms and conditions, and questionnaires so that you can know more information about what your customer wants. Click here to watch a short video explaining the booking process, or scroll down to see what it looks like on a single page: 

Pay Balance URL

Your customers are able to pay the remaining balance of their event themselves through our Balance URL button. The link that’s generated can be emailed to them; from there, they’ll be directed to securely enter their credit card details.

Check-In Button

Once your customer arrives for their event, simply check them in by using this button. This will help you keep track of who shows up to the scheduled event, when, and at what time.

QR Codes

Scan the QR code in each customer’s confirmation email to check them in when they arrive at your location. This will automatically create a date and time stamp of when they arrived.


You can also use QR codes to easily share inquiry forms in your promotional materials and with your customers.

Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation features are what set Partywirks apart from the rest of other online booking systems. We’re able to capture the 80% of your online visitors that are critical to your sales pipeline. Take a look at the different ways we can help you generate leads:

Promotions Tab

With our Promotions Tab, you can quickly and easily share special offers, menus, fliers, posters, etc. with your guests.

Tell A Friend

Easily share your information with your customers in just a few clicks. Or better yet, allow your customers to simply and quickly share your information among themselves.

Here’s a short video explaining the benefits of our Tell A Friend feature.

Gift Certificates

You can sell Gift Certificates online that can be spent at your location. Just set up the dollar amounts that you’d like to offer online, your customers will pay for this, then you’ll provide them with the certificate. Just ask us how.

Birthday Club

One of our clients suggested this and it’s been one of the most popular uses of our software. Many Partywirks customers now have a Birthday Club.

It all starts with getting busy parents to take the time to sign-up, and then you send them a special surprise offer.

Online Invitations

Our Online Invitations make it easy to get the word out about your business, which then helps to drive turnout. More attendees means happier clients and businesses. Once your customer has booked an event, they can invite their guests in a few clicks.

Attractive and dynamic customizable banners can be used specifically for your online invitations as well, helping you to provide a more personal touch.


Our inquiry forms offer instant gratification for the other 80% of your customers who are not looking to book online just yet. Whether they’re interested in field trips, fundraisers, church outings, donation requests, job applications, league sign-up, camps, school groups or end of year celebrations, Partywirks saves time and provides instant gratification to your future customers.

Here’s a short video explaining the benefits of our inquiry forms.

You can also easily share these forms with your customers by using specific QR codes, rather than sending over a long URL link.

Shop Now

Our Shop Now feature allows your customers to shop and buy online as they prefer. You’ll be able to sell a range of products from food, to beverages and even arts and crafts.

Our Shop Now feature is customizable, so you can add pictures, a description, price and tax, etc. And you can easily categorize your products to make navigation simple for your customers.

It also includes stock management, reports, receipts and it even offers a delivery choice to your customers.

Furthermore, you’re able to collect payments and capture customer information.

Click on the image to see how it could word for you.


Partywirks captures a lot of information with each transaction. We have a range of detailed and customizable reports to show this information in different ways, such as Financial Reports, Add-On Reports, Email List Reports, plus more. You can specify what data you want to see, export and save reports for future use.

As part of our multi-functional online booking software, we also offer digital, signable waivers to help streamline the number of providers you have.

Our waivers are exactly what you need to inform your customers about the risks of certain activities and to protect you from liability.

They can be connected to reservations, there’s no limitations of how many waivers you can have or of how many can be signed over a certain period, and once signed they’re automatically stored in the system, ready to be exported to Excel or printed out.

Click here to see what they look like for yourself. 


Multi-Location Management

If you have more than one location, then you’re able to get sales and customer data at your fingertips. Data from all locations is instantly updated in a common repository. You’re able to link multiple locations, or departments, into one management view.


The financial reports for all of your locations can be automatically emailed to the relevant members of staff, based on a set daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

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