Be Ready To Party

We recommend a quarterly review to ensure your Partywirks information is current and up-to-date for your guests.

Marketing Checklist

Partywirks plays an important role in your marketing and sales funnel by converting the interested into paying customers. Use this checklist to ensure Partywirks’ Marketing tools are working for you:


Is your invitation banner up to date?

Did you know you can write a message that your customers’ guests see when they open an invitation?

Showcase what’s coming up or new information

Email Marketing

Add new emails to lists in the Marketing Module

Are you using Partywirks Marketing Module to house emails and send email fliers, coupons and information to customers?

Streamline navigation and use direct-links from offers to specific actions in Partywirks (Book Now, Buy Now)


Remove old information and promotions

Highlight special dates and events

This is a great place to include special information to attendees

Share Button

Are staff, and customers, informed on how to use the Share feature to easily forward your information?

Sales Funnel

This is arguably the most important thing to do. Re-direct people away the phone and to using online self-service instead.

Replace Call Now with Book Now, Buy Now, Inquire Now in your sales funnel (Facebook, Website, Social Media, Newsletters etc)

Update company voicemail message to route callers to online options

Highlight your strategic thinking, encourage guests to serve themselves online

Your Partywirks Storefront

This is where online visitors use Partywirks to Book, Pay, Inquire, Share and more. It’s important their experience is easy and pleasant.  


Are attractive images used with each add-on?

Are add-ons matched to the right Packages?

Is pricing up-to-date?

Booking Questionnaires

Are you collecting all the information you need when customers book?

Add, or edit questions as needed to help collect all necessary details


‘Hide’ expired categories and other outdated information

Make sure your categories are showing & displayed in the desired order

Customer Check-In Process

Refresh staff on how to check-in customers using QR codes or buttons


Make sure they’re up-to-date for seasonal, school or holiday events

Review ‘blocks’ that maybe in place for select dates or events

Check when various schedules are set to expire

Self-service/ Inquiry Forms

Are you using the right forms with the right questions to get the right information?

Do your customized forms align with reasons people are trying to reach you?

Are the right staff getting email alerts when forms are submitted?

Partywirks Storefront

Removed unused Tabs, outdated text and images

Update Banner image as needed

Storefront Pop Up

Make sure that you keep it current and up-to-date

Is your pop up showcasing special dates or offers?

Announce important information to your customers

Taxes & Service Fees

If you are collecting taxes, and or service fees review those details to ensure they remain accurate


Encourage customers to sign waivers as soon as they finish their reservation

Make waiver links widely available for guests to send to their invitees

Keep your waiver content up-to-date for maximum protection

Web Page Links

The goal is to funnel your website and social media visitors to your Partywirks Storefront so they can Book, Buy, Inquire, Share and more

Review your sales funnel and add Partywirks links as appropriate to speed navigation

If you need help with setting up anything in your account, or if you’d like to know more information about our services, reach out to us!


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