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Our system is integrated with a number of payment processors to ensure that you securely receive any payment from bookings directly into your bank account. We work with the following payment processors, which are PCI compliant: is only available through resellers. If you need to, we can put you in contact with an provider. A trusted provider is Brian Roth with North American Bancard. Call Brian at 917-207-4544 cell phone or email

All you need is the following to connect your account to Partywirks: ● User Name / API Login
● Password / Transaction Key

If you're interested in getting Worldpay as your payment processor, just let us know, and we'll help you out.

To connect your account to Partywirks, you just need:
● Account ID
● Account Token
● Acceptor ID

Card Connect
Card Connect is the payment processor that you need to enable reoccurring billing for things like membership, etc.

To sign up to CardConnect, please copy and paste the following link:

To connect to Partywirks, all you need is:
● Merchant ID
● User
● Password

To connect to Square, all you need is the following:
● Application ID ● Location ID ● Account Token

PalPal Pro
To connect Partywirks to your PayPal Pro account, all you need is the following:
● API Username
● API Password
● PayPal Signature

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