Personal Touch has to Wait!

How times have changed!

In the past, having a personal connection with customers was important in business. Staff would warmly greet callers and help them with their needs. However, things have changed. Nowadays, people want things quickly and easily. If businesses can’t give them that, they might not even have the chance to make a personal connection.

Personal touch has been replaced by the need for instant gratification.

Here’s the reality of our digital era – without providing online visitors the instant gratification options they want, chances are you won’t get the chance to wow them with your personal touch.

Make it faster and easier to do business with you.

Recommendation? Focus on winning the sale first (online), then greet guests at the door with a big smile. Change your sales funnel for less reliance on phone calls and towards online customer self-service where customers can find the information and self-service tools they need to turn themselves into your next customer.

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