Reach the right audience with our marketing module

Our new Marketing Module feature allows you to seamlessly send out email campaigns to the right audience from your Partywirks account without needing to use a third-party platform.

With this email automation tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Stimulate your sales funnels with customer emails already in your Partywirks system and emails from other systems
  • Send coupons, fliers, and specials quickly and easily to targeted groups of customers
  • Add links in your messages to open Partywirks ready for order completion
  • Include a special ‘pop-up’ to highlight key offers & promotions
  • Now your business will be able to reach out on-demand to boost sales and promote your business.


The best news? It’s all part of Partywirks’ comprehensive customer self-service party booking and more software system.

Contact us to find out how this feature can benefit your business:


Phone: 877-345-4012

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