Super Employee

Let me introduce myself. I’m customer self-service software, a specialist in online & event booking, and customer service. My name is Partywirks.



I started as a young booking service and now have 20 years experience booking parties and events online. I know my craft. I’m super reliable and ready with hands on support to train and coach you to success.

An incredible memory. I remember everything about every order and inquiry. I’m also highly efficient and I work 24/7.


My Main Advantage

  • Booking a party
  • Buying a ticket, joining a league, or signing up for a STEM class, etc.
  • Paying a deposit and getting a receipt
  • Inquiring about private events or fundraisers
  • Sending invites to friends, family, and coworkers
  • Automatically remind customers about their events
  • Easily generate a variety of reports based on past reservations
  • Check-in guests

People today like doing things for themselves and my pleasing instant gratification services give your party business the edge when seconds count.

Why now?

Two factors – rising wages and labor shortages. My self-serve approach saves you time and money and helps keep the focus on guests onsite. Did I mention I work 24/7? ​

Let’s talk it over.


Phone: 877-345-4012

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