Update Your Sales Funnel!

Customer Self-Service is where it’s at

Your sales funnel is your Website, Facebook page, newsletters and all other promotions designed to get your prospects attention, and of course their business. It’s what happens after you’ve got their attention that can lose or win customers today.

3 reasons relying on “Call Now” in your sales funnel is a risky strategy today.

1. You lose the critical moment. After a consumer thinks “yes” to your offer their next thought is “how can I get this?” If they can’t get it by clicking they won’t work hard to get your attention or linger long before giving up and clicking elsewhere.

2. The personal touch is not what it’s all about. Customers today aren’t interested in building relationships, at least initially. The focus instead is on how quick they can get what they want. They value instant gratification and efficiency over personal touch.

3. Higher costs, less efficiency. Online tools are inexpensive compared to the cost of paying staff to answer phones and process orders. A customer self-service approach is less costly, more efficient and more customer friendly. After all, why pay staff to do things for guests when guests prefer to do those things themselves?

Remove sales barriers like phone calls and make it easy for interested visitors, not to call, but to click their way through to fun at your place.

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